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Bokgil was once a stray dog. His new parents found him injured in the woods, so they brought him home, and did their best to nurse him right back to health. Soon, they allowed him to stay with them permanently. They were consistently kind to him, but he never learned to trust them. Fearing that they would harm him, he refused to allow them to touch him.

The couple opted to confine the dog to their yard out of concern that he might again escape and get injured again. They believed it would eventually afford them an opportunity to approach him. But after more than a year, they still had not earned his trust.

Aside from Bokgil, the couple also has another pet, a dog named Bokgu. They play with him frequently and stroke his belly a lot. They wish they could do the same with Bokgil.

Eventually, the pair decided to consult with experts to understand why Bokgil refuses to trust them. When asked if they knew about his past, they described how they came upon him. However, there was a deeper explanation for the dog’s actions.

Apparently, a black dog lived in the area before Bokgil was found. The residents gave him food since he was unable to move because of a snare that bound him. He was also good friends with Bokgil.

As soon as Bokgil was safe, though, his best friend vanished into thin air and was never seen again. Since then, Bokgil has been so terrified. He was led to believe that when people arrived, his friend would be taken away and the same would happen to him.

According to the advice of the animal behaviorist, Bokgil’s parents should give him a much larger space because he felt constrained by the leash.

Tan, a dog resembling his friend, assisted him in remembering the pleasant times he had. And after observing how successfully Tan got along with his parents, he also gave it a try and opened himself up to them.

It took Bokgil a considerable amount of time to realize he had every reason to trust humans. His adoptive parents, thankfully, never gave up.

Source: Kritter Klub

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