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When a catastrophic tornado struck a Tennessee neighborhood recently, numerous homes were destroyed.

The Johnsons were fortunate to survive. Despite the fact that their house was entirely destroyed, they sustained just minor injuries. However, their little Australian Shepherd, Bella, was missing. Eric Johnson, the head of the family, surmised that she may have fled out of fear.

They owed Bella their second chance at life because she was the one who awoke them before the tornado approached. Eric observed Bella acting suspiciously and turned on the television and learned more about the enormous tornado.

Following the tornado’s brutal trashing on Nashville, Tennessee was the next target. Eric took swift action, gathering his family and concealing them in the bathtub.

They were, however, not spared by the tornado, as they were flung nearly 50 yards away from their home. Surviving such a severe blow was already seen as a miracle by the Johnsons.

Unfortunately, Bella was nowhere to be found following the devastation, so Eric attempted to contact his neighbors and seek for assistance in bringing his brave dog home. They also began to fear Bella safety.

Additionally, the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue stepped in to assist the Johnsons. With the assistance of surveillance cameras in the vicinity, they were able to find Bella.

The dog was fearful at first, but upon seeing her family, it was evident how much she missed them.

When she fled, people observed she kept returning to the same location, and they made a point of closely monitoring her. That’s when they realized that this must be the missing dog.

Bella had been gone for 53 days and when she was discovered. She appeared filthy and malnourished. But the Johnsons were relieved that she was able to come home safely.

Their next task is to reconstruct their home in the same location.

Source: Eric Johnson

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