What happens when you put a tiny baby and a massive dog in one room? Here’s the story of Amanda and Don Swift, first-time parents and pet owners, to answer this question.

The Swift couple from Atlanta, Georgia, has a 10-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever named Savannah. They had her since she was ten months old, and they all had a wonderful time together.

And then, Amanda and Don had their first child, Harper. The now ten-year-old dog enjoyed being the only baby in the family. How will she take this significant change?

Several months passed, and Harper grew until she was strong enough to explore the room independently. When she finally learned how to crawl, her parents decided to put her and Savannah together and take a video. There were no barriers to keep them from interacting.

Harper was on all fours as she looked eagerly at Savannah. She was eager to be with the Labrador, so she crawled toward her. She cooed and squealed in delight as she barged with her limbs and belly. On the other end of the living room, Savannah watched Harper intently. She didn’t wag her tail, and her expression was unreadable.

Seeing Harper walk inch by inch felt like forever, but Savannah was patient. And when they were both within each other’s reach, Savannah leaned toward Savannah, and then she nuzzled and licked her face. It was as if she told the other that she did a great job. The video ended with the most loving gesture from these two!

Harper’s parents probably anticipated the possible reactions from some viewers. Their description already wrote a disclaimer, assuring everyone that Savannah underwent obedience training and was always good with children and adults ever] since. She is a well-adjusted canine, so they never worried about her reaction towards Harper.

Still, the Swift parents reiterated that they exercised caution by doing enough research before shooting the video. They also spent months acclimating the Harper and Savannah before placing them together. They also advised other parents to do their research and consult professionals before putting a child and a dog together.

Their stand, however, is clear. Dogs do beautiful things to human beings. One of those is helping young children develop, just like Savannah and Harper’s interaction. After watching the heartwarming video, we couldn’t help but agree!

Watch the video of Harper and Savannah that made the whole world smile:

Source: Swift Family via YouTube and Amanda Mizell Swift via Facebook

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