A couple from Lubbock, Texas decided to take a vacation to Las Vegas to take a break to unwind. But the planned trip was delayed when they discovered a sneaky stowaway in their luggage.

Jared and Kristi Owens, parents of two little girls and pet owners, are the couple in question. They noticed one of their baggage was a few pounds heavier when they checked it in. Expectedly, there is an additional charge for an overweight carry-on.

They chose to rearrange their belongings to balance the weight of their luggage. A Southwest Airlines employee assisted them in opening the bags.

When they did, they immediately realized what the additional six pounds represented. A small dog emerged from beneath the clothes and shoes Jared packed beforehand. It was their pet chihuahua, Icky!

Seeing Icky surprised them but at the same time, but at the same time, they knew it was characteristic of Icky to do something like this. She enjoys burrowing in laundry baskets, closets, blankets, or anywhere else she can get nice and warm and comfortable. They assumed their dog chose their suitcase because they had left it open with their clothes inside for hours.

The couple made a point of snapping a few selfies to document this momentous occasion. One of the pictures shows Icky halfway inside Jared’s leather boot, her face flushed with guilt. With the additional time they had, they arranged a pick-up for Icky with the help of some family members before boarding the plane. Finally, they could escape to Las Vegas for a peaceful vacation.

They admitted that they planned the trip at the last minute to escape the daily commotion of three dogs, a rabbit, several fish, and their two daughters, whom Jared described as crazy yet beautiful. We cannot, however, blame them. Raising two children and several pets is a lot of work regardless of the rewards.

When asked how Icky ended up inside the suitcase, Jared stated they were confident that everything would be okay because they had arranged for someone to monitor the house beforehand. They neglected to conduct a final inspection of their home before departing for the trip, so perhaps they should factor this into their plans.

It was a relief for Jared and Kristi Owens to locate Icky before boarding; otherwise, things could have been much worse! Anyone would agree that this is one for the record books, with something for everyone!

To learn more, watch the shocking and hilarious video here:

Source: FOX5 Las Vegas via YouTube and Jared Owens via Facebook

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