Necessity is the mother of invention, and in this viral story, it couldn’t be any truer. Unfortunately, heartache was the proverbial father that helped bring this device to fruition, but hopefully, it will stop the same incident from happening again. Coyotes attacking household pets is a big problem in California.

This is a fact that Paul and Pam Mott have learned the hard way. They were playing with their dogs in a San Diego park back in 2014, and when Paul was calling for their dogs to get in their car, a coyote popped up out of nowhere and grabbed their dog, Buffy. Paul heard Buffy cry out for help, but when he saw her, it was too late. The coyote ran for the hills with the poor pup in its mouth.

Paul cried for a week. He felt so guilty about what happened to Buffy, but then an idea popped into his mind. He wanted to invent something to protect small dogs so that what happened to Buffy will not happen again. That’s when the CoyoteVest was born. The material used for the vest is Kevlar, the same material used by police officers.

Using Kevlar make the vests puncture-resistant, which is critical since coyotes tend to grab small dogs by biting them on the back. It has metal spikes for a collar to prevent neck bites, “whiskers” that deter a coyote from reaching in, and a Coyote Zapper that delivers an electric shock if a coyote tries to bite the dog.

It looks cool, and it seems like the dogs will be attending a punk rock concert, but the whiskers actually help the dogs look big and weird. Once a coyote spots a dog wearing the CoyoteVest with whiskers, they may think twice about attacking and will probably look for food somewhere else. The Motts’ new business may be booming, but what’s important for them is that they help everyone else protect their small dogs from coyote attacks.

Credits: CBS Los Angeles


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